There will be no 2nd preference for additional placement in SBS!

The Ministry of National Education has made many changes in SBS compared to last year. There will be no second choice for additional placement in SBS!

The Ministry of National Education has made changes in the preference system of SBS, which was organized for the last time this year. This year, unlike in previous years, candidates will be offered only one preference. The ministry, which also abolished the preferences made by candidates for additional placement in previous years, announced that additional placements in SBS will be made through the first and only preference. The Ministry of National Education warned the candidates to make their preferences taking into account the additional placement and reminded the students to make good use of the 10 preferences given to them and to be careful when choosing.

With the announcement of the exam results, the preference process has started for 1,009,569 candidates who are eligible to make a preference by scoring 196 or above out of 1,054,508 candidates who took the exam. This process, which will continue until July 20, is very important for candidates and their parents. The factor that makes the preference process even more important this year is the changes made by the ministry in the preference system this year. As it is known, there have been radical changes in the preference and placement system this year, unlike last year. Last year, there were more vacancies in schools than expected and students with lower scores than the predicted base scores of the schools were placed in these vacancies, which led to various problems that led to the change in the system. This year, the same preferences will be used for the primary and four substitute placements and candidates will not make a new list during the substitute placement period. The preference list or preference ranking will not be changed. Therefore, preferences should be made very carefully and care should be taken not to make mistakes.

All changes before “approval”

Preferences will be made individually by the student’s parents according to the preference codes of the schools on the published preference lists. If you cannot make individual preferences, you can go to any school directorate for help. Your preference will be recorded according to the form you will fill in at school.

The preferences will be approved electronically by the school directorate. Any corrections regarding the preferences should be made before the electronic approval. As soon as the approval process is completed, the student’s preference process will be completed and there will be no correction process.

It is a fact that the choice of high school will have a significant impact on the student’s next 4 years, and from a broader perspective, on the university and life of the student. Taking these into consideration, preferences should not be rushed, should be well thought out, should be well informed about the schools to be preferred, and the pros and cons of the schools should be evaluated very well.

Beware of schools with similar names!

School codes used in preferences must be written by examining the preference codes in the preference lists published on, or Particular attention should be paid not to confuse schools with similar names. For example, Atatürk Anatolian High School and Istanbul Atatürk Anatolian High School, Istanbul High School and Istanbul Anatolian High School, Kadıköy Anatolian High School and Istanbul Kadıköy High School are schools whose names can be confused during the preference period. Parents should be careful in this regard.

Be realistic when making preferences, take the percentile as a basis

Be realistic: It is necessary to be realistic during the preference period. Writing the schools that are most suitable for the student’s score, percentile and overall success ranking will greatly increase the chances of winning, rather than popular schools that are highly desired by everyone. A few high-scoring schools can be placed at the top, but what needs to be done is to examine last year’s data and choose the schools that best fit your score, percentile and achievement rank. The Ministry of National Education publishes the scores and percentiles of schools according to 2010 data. It will be useful to examine this data in order to make realistic choices.

Quotas increased

New schools have opened this year and there has been a significant increase in quotas. There will be an increase of more than 45 thousand quotas this year. The number of schools and departments increased from 5,502 last year to 6,156 this year. New science high schools, Anatolian high schools, social sciences high schools and Anatolian teacher high schools were opened. This means that more students have a chance to win.







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