6 out of Every 10 Candidates Are University Students

ekyerlestirme.com – Open students and quotas in universities are among the most discussed topics. Looking at the overall landscape, the data is moving in a good direction.

One of the most important pillars of Turkey, which wants to become the world’s 10 largest economy in 2023, is its young population. In addition to the size of the young population in terms of numbers, its quality is also very important. As the proportion of the population studying at the university increases, economic indicators are positively affected. When the ÖSYM data is examined, interesting results emerge. The details of the system of transition to higher education, the number and structure of exams, the nature of the questions, the coefficients, the quotas and the people who are exposed are among the most discussed issues of the public for years. When the system is examined, numerical indicators have been developing positively in recent years. 6 out of every 10 students who use their right of preference are transferred to a program. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that what is essential is quality rather than quantity.

When the ÖSYS guide is examined, it is understood that our country’s higher education system offers many options to candidates in terms of diversity. Even students who pass the dam can enter programs, most of which are paid departments at foundation universities. In addition, there is a double degree chance at a contracted foreign university and graduates have the opportunity to study at a second university in open education. There is a serious decrease in the number of students in open education. The reason for this is that since 2012, quota restrictions have been imposed on many open education programs that had no quota in previous years.


ÖSYM, 2013 Student Selection and Placement System (ÖSYS) Supplementary Placement Guide has been published. The guide can be obtained from the internet address www.osym.gov.tr. The selections will be made between 25-30 September. 3 TL is charged as a preferred service fee. Candidates will be able to make as many choices as they want, not exceeding 30 in total from the tables that they have the right to choose. After completing the preference notification process, the candidates will be able to enter their preference changes at ais.osym.gov.tr during the preference period. After completing the preference process, ÖSYM was asked to check the preference information from the internet address during the preference period, and to obtain a copy of your preference list from the printer and keep it.





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